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Sink, Standard

Sink, Standard

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DIY KitIncludes one unassembled DIY kit along with instructions to assemble yourself. Includes your choice of sink finish. Does not include hardware, counter vinyl or paint. Hardware, counter vinyl and other accessories are available for purchase separately.

Doors do not open.

Made of MDF

Dimensions: Height 7.3 cm, Width 8 cm, Depth 4 cm

Please note: A previous version of this kit had thicker doors and drawers (32mm). If you need one of the discontinued designs to complete an existing kit, please type "standard discontinued design" into the search bar to purchase or reach out to me at and I will be happy to assist you.

All items sold at Melvin’s Miniatures are intended for adult miniature enthusiasts and collectors. Items sold in this shop are not toys and are not for children.

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